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Takatora’s true murderer!

Gen Urobuchi is a great guy, he was completely okay with talking to me about Gaim, and listened to me talk about it, and was really excited to see me and my friends cosplay Gaim characters. He even let me ask some questions about Gaim!

Me: “Takatora is my favorite character. I like him because he is an older brother, like I am. Do you think he is a hero or a villain?”
Urobuchi: “I am glad you like Takatora! He is definitely a hero, I believe he is a good person.”

Me: “What about Mitsuzane?”
Urobuchi: “I think he is both a good and bad person, but he is ultimately good more than bad.”

Me: “Out of all the characters, who are your favorite?”
Urobuchi: “Kaito and Mitsuzane.”
*At this point my friends cosplaying Kaito and Micchy cheer.*

Me: “Is Takatora really dead?”
Urobuchi: *Laughs in my face* “Please look forward to the end of the series for the answer.”

Me: “Which Kamen Rider series is your favorite?”
Urobuchi: “Hmm, favorite Kamen Rider series, huh? Hmm… I would have to go with Kuuga.”

Me: “Thank you, it was an honor for us to meet you!”
Urobuchi: “No, no, the honor was all mine.”

UROBUCHI!!!!!!!!! (shakes fist)




The first official scans of Kamen Rider Drive have leaked from Televikun! Shown in the scans for the first time is our main protagonist portrayed by Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真) who is a part of a Special Unit.

Credit goes to The Tokusatsu Network for the translations:

Shinnosuke Tomari, a car fanatic and police officer, transforms into Kamen Rider Drive. The high tech belt, Drive Driver, is actually Shinnosuke’s partner and it’s able to talk. Drive Driver supports Shinnosuke during fights with advice, and Shinnosuke tends to call it, “Mr. Belt (belt-san)“.

Shinnosuke transforms by changing a Shift Car into Lever Mode and then inserting it to the Shift Bracelet.

Kamen Rider Drive is also equipped with different Shift Cars that can change the tire on his body and his attributes. Such as the Midnight Shadow, this Shift Car makes Drive more ninja-like. Other Shift Cars include Max Flare and Funky Spike.

loving all of this including confirmed policeman and the fact he’s a car fanatic WHO CALLS HIS BELT BELT-SAN

God he is going to be so fucking adorable

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